“Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton’s words nurture my intention to create artwork that asks the viewer to be present in the moment, and drawn into the details of the piece, reflecting on their own personal history and experience. My non-objective paintings explore expressive linear gesture, color, unique textures and extensive mark-making using a wide variety of tools. The process, using cold wax medium, oil paint, pigment sticks, graphite, marble dust and powdered pigments in 10 to 15 layers creates the appearance of time, weathering and wear. Constructing and deconstructing layer upon layer yields a sense of historical and archeological discovery.  

My process-driven work explores the balance between chance, control, chaos, and authenticity. Time and again, I find myself in conversation with each piece; letting go, and allowing the work to inform itself. There is an alchemy that takes place within the piece when I am in a state of full awareness, often sitting with the unknown. Intuition, a thirst for problem solving, as well as the spontaneity of exploration move my creative process forward. When I step away from a piece and its elements resonate with harmony and balance, but still hold a creative tension, I trust it is complete.

Daily yoga and meditation practice informs, supports, and compliments my overall creative philosophy. I strive to manifest this mysterious energy through abstraction. My artwork has been described as paradoxical in nature -- strangely familiar; naturally uncanny; randomly ordered; or disparately harmonious; it expresses the dualities that exist within all of us, allowing the viewer to be connected with the artist on a deeper, more subtle level of awareness which completes the creative cycle.

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Abstract Artist