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2/5 - 2/26:  ​Clubhouse Gallery, West Hartford
4/1 - 4/27:   MVA Gallery, Bethlehem, PA
4/1 - 4/22:  NBAL Gallery, New Britain, CT
5/8 - 5/27:  Ely Center for Contemporary Art
 New Haven, CT 
"Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"
                                                                                     Thomas Merton

Utilizing a wide variety of tools, I explore abstract composition to develop intricate surfaces and complex layers that expose a growing sense of history. The interplay of shape, line and mark-making, as well as asemic writing and sgraffito play a captivating role in revealing the artist’s hand. Cold wax medium, oil paint, oil stick, and dry pigments cultivate the complex mysteries of an archaeological discovery.  They appear timeless, exposing accumulated layers evocative of the decay and destruction of ancient surfaces, palimpsest relics, ancestral mapping, or collective memories.  Each artwork becomes an artifact of the artist's creative journey.  


Attaining a balance between chance, control and authenticity informs my process-driven attitude. I approach each new work with curiosity and the principles of good design. Having an open mind and no predetermined notion of what will unfold, there is an alchemy that take place while in deep conversation with the artwork, frequently permitting the piece to inform itself. The use of a loose grid format is often a repetitive and essential step to organize chaos. Intuition, spontaneity, and a thirst for problem solving enlighten my creative process. Daily yoga and meditation practice compliments my creative philosophy as I strive to manifest this mysterious energy through abstraction. 


 “Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton’s words nurture my intention to create artwork which invites the viewer to slow down and be present in the moment, intrigued by the mystery and complexity of each piece, while contemplating its relationship to their own experiences. A strong visual vocabulary provides a vehicle for expressing the extraordinary within the ordinary, as well as recognizing the dualities and cyclical nature of the human experience. Creating art provides meaning and an opportunity to discover my full potentiality as a woman while being in the flow!  


Basalt edifices in Iceland; Mayan temple ruins in Guatemala and Mexico; primitive Anasazi dwellings in the Southwest and ancient city walls in Catalonia – I am drawn to the energy of these sites. I feel inspired by the visual narratives of ancient cultures held within stone stella, frescoes, pictographs, or petroglyphs. Curiosity about my own ancestral lineage often inspires travel destinations that layer personal history with experience -- uncovering stories without words. This is what I trust my abstracted compositions will provide the viewer.

Unearthed Secrets No. 1
Cold Wax & Oil Mixed Media
30 x 24 birch cradle panel

Shape No. 2
Cold Wax & Oil Mixed Media
17x13 Framed & Matted